Monday, June 12, 2006

Disaster Preparedness can Save Your Pet

Hurricane season is upon us once again. Who could forget the images of the poor pets left behind during hurricane Katrina? The old adage "Expect the unexpected" is wise advice when considering natural disasters. From blizzards to wildfires, earthquakes to hurricanes, terrorist attacks to floods, emergencies occur in all parts of the country, which means that everyone should have a disaster plan for their family—including one for pets.
Remember that good disaster planning takes every possibility into consideration. For example, traffic accidents involving hazardous trucks can close streets and neighborhoods many miles away. What will you do if you can't get home to care for your pet? Make plans ahead of time. Arrange for a trusted neighbor who is frequently at home to evacuate your pets if an evacuation order is issued and you are at work. Keep a three-day supply of your pet's food, medicines, leash, veterinary records, and other necessities altogether in a pet carrier that's ready to go.

Here are some important links to learn more about Disaster Preparedness for your pets.

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