Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Penny's story came to our attention in the winter of this year.
She was found running loose on a highway in NY, later she somehow jumped from a window or a second floor in the care of those who found her, she injured herself very badly, she needed surgery.

She was rescued by Willing Hearts.
WHDR tells us:
"The Mayor's Alliance for animals was called in and paid for her initial surgeries and vet care. However, They needed a rescue to take her after she was ready to leave the vet clinic where she was. So Penny came to WHDR and is being vetted at VCA."

In April Penny required further surgery and she needed time to get ready for adoption.
Others may have euthanized a dog in this complex situation...Penny won hearts and admiration.

The Art Helping Animals artists jumped on board and began painting to help WHDR with her expenses and get the word out about her needs.
She had a fabulous outcome and now...
Penny was officially adopted June 13, 2006!
Congrats to all those who have WILLING HEARTS and help make a difference...every life counts and that says a lot when a little Dalmatian can matter so much to so many!
Thank you for supporting animals like Penny in need through art! VISIT the website, click the WILLING HEARTS link from the charity list for Penny's whole story and picks.

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