Sunday, July 16, 2006

Montana Animal Rescue Efforts

Art Helping Animals is concerned about all types of animals rescues. Here is a little drawing of a charming Westie that benefits the Save the Dalmatians Rescue. You can find more auction listings of paintings being sold to help animal rescue efforts at www.

Rescuing animals in our area is a concern right now. The moon looks red at night because of the fires in Montana. It is over 100 degrees today in the high plains and the fire danger is Extremely high. Two Milliion acres of land in Montana has burned this year. The Northern Rockies Regional Office of the Humane Society has been working to help rescue all kinds of animals. Highways have been closed because of dense smoke making it hard to evacuate people and livestock. Local fairgrounds are set up to house animals until they can be returned home.

The Humane Society of the US is asking all animal owners to make sure they have a disaster plan for their animals. It seems that no matter where you live disasters can strike and we have the responsibility to plan for our animals. So if you have not thought about your disaster plan, please check out website and read about Disaster Preparedness.

Here are a few questions to get you started.

Can you get all your pets into their pet carriers in time?
If you have large animals, do you have a way to transport them?
Do all your pets have ID tags? Micro chips?
Do you know where you can go in emergencies that are pet friendly places?

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