Saturday, July 15, 2006

While we're on the subject of TBAR, let's talk about Pudding.
TBAR Pudding

Poor Pudding has been at the rescue since she was a puppy, watching other dogs get loved on and taken home. And nobody ever seems to come for her. Does it ever hurt her feelings? It’s hard to know! It’s hard to know whether she realizes what’s going on.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this girl. Pudding is a friendly and affectionate Staffordshire/Boxer mix. She walks well on a leash and sits when you ask her to. She would be a great indoor pet or outdoor pet. When she is outside she will stay right with you and come when she's called; and she's crate trained. She has been spayed. She’s in perfect health, beautiful, and if someone were to call for her, that person would change her life. To meet Pudding, please call TBAR at 936-878-2349 or email Pudding is dying to hear from you!

TBAR aka True Blue Animal Rescue is located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Washington-on-the-Brazos. TBAR was featured on the TV show "Extreme Makeover" and received so much help and fame from that experience, including a new house, new stables, new corrals, new kennels, dog pens and more. The doggies even have their own private fire hydrants. TBAR has a LOT of animals needing forever homes: dogs, cats and horses of all ages. Please look over their website at and find an animal you can help through adoption or sponsorship. Alternately, you can purchase a painting through that will directly benefit TBAR by donation of sale proceeds. Create a win-win situation.

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