Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The Press Release is out and now that the Forth of July is past (ducking and running for cover. just kidding!) is time to think Christmas Spirit and giving to charity!
Only mention this because support to needy animal charities is down in the summer.
Great art is to be had for the cause and to get things rolling...visit ART HELPING ANIMALS to get started this season...early. Click on the HOLIDAY ART SALE button.

Professional Artists Celebrate "Christmas In July" to Help Homeless Animals

The website Art Helping Animals is hosting a summer sale
to advertise the plight of needy animals in pet rescue and animal sanctuaries.

Art helping Animals has raised over 6000.00 in a matter of a few months time. A percentage of the sale of art work provided by this fellowship of professional artists has been donated to these 501 (c)(3) animal charitites highlighted on their website.

These artists have been creating this new work for the summer sale and listing auctions on Ebay and ArtbyUs venues. Biographies about the artists are available through the site. Many excellent examples of their work can also be viewed there.

The charities and their indepth information are listed on the site along with photos of homeless animals who are awaiting adoption.
The Art Helping Animals website has a wealth of useful content to access. There is a daily Blog that is rich with art and information,
a bi-monthly newsletter containing educational and inspirational articles, stories of rescue success, archived library articles and new projects that are regularly announced on the site. The Art Helping Animals website is family friendly and a place that all art and animal lovers will enjoy.

The one goal is to save a life, one animal at a time.

Bookmark the website, there is always something newsworthy being added.


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