Monday, September 18, 2006

Every Little Bit Helps

Time, money, food, every little bit helps. Animal charities
throughout the world need our help. Every person can do something-donate, volunteer, give food, sponsor rescues, donate needed items. Our animals-wild or domestic-need to be taken care of. Please visit your local animal charities too see what you can do. Here is a list of some of the charities we support and what they need. Please visit their sites to see more of the items they need and ways that you can help.

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary
Ramah, New Mexico

Wish List
People always ask, "I'm coming out this weekend, what should I bring?" so we made a list of things we always need.

Wolf Loaf ingredients:
White rice (20 lbs)
Ground turkey or ground beef
Shredded carrots (5-10 lbs)
Rolled oats (50 lbs - SW Cash & Carry)

We could also use:
Beef & More dry dog food (Sam's Club)
Frozen chicken
Boxes of latex gloves (med, large, extra large)

If you are not planning a visit to the Sanctuary anytime soon and would like to help us, gift cards are always helpful! Here are the stores we shop at the most:
Home Depot
Sam's Club

Our Scavenger Hunt:
Heavy duty chipper/shredder
Gas powered lawn mower
Gas powered weed eaters
16' flatbed trailer
60 tons of base coarse gravel
Log splitter
Newer model 4WD 1 ton pick-up with full-size bed

The Wolves appreciate your support!

Cascades Raptor Center
Eugene, Oregon

Wish List
The following are items needed by the Raptor Center...

Food and Feeder Supplies
Science diet feline maintenance
dry/canned dog food
wild bird seed
black oil sunflower seeds
rodent chow
lock freezer bags (1 gal; 1 qt sizes)

wire cutters
small chain-saw
chop saw
work gloves
leaf and garden rakes

Hospital & Display Caging
plastic airline carriers
treated lumber (ask us for sizes/lengths)
treated plywood
pea gravel
roofing panels
vinyl-covered welded wire

Interpretive Center/Educational Outreach
current laptop computer
printing of newsletter and literature
original artwork for coloring book
good quality photo copier
digital camera
digital video camera

Treatment Center
sterile insulin and tuberculin syringes
vinyl or formica for counter tops
x-ray machine
ventilation system
sick bird incubators

Cleaning Supplies
paper towels
liquid bleach
laundry detergent
liquid hand soap
household cleaning solutions
garbage bags (33 gal. & tall kitchen)

photography developing/duplicating
landscape maintenance
vinyl flooring installation

We Need Your Help!

Arlington, Washington

These are a few items we could use to help our senior dogs be more comfortable while they are with us.
-Agility Equipment -- used is fine.
Old dogs can learn new tricks.
-Advantage flea treatment, all sizes
-Chew bones labelled "sterilized" -- with or without filling
-SynoviG joint supplement, preferably soft chews
-Foster and Final Refuge Homes!
-A newish color laser printer.

Nutro Natural Choice Lamb & Rice
Purina Pro Plan chicken (adult or senior)
Canned food, adult -- especially Iams, Canidae, Merrick, or Nutro

A Van--We would be grateful for help in obtaining a van to transport dogs between foster homes, and back and forth to vet visits. We'd be more than willing to advertise any business willing to help on the van itself.

Marine Mammal Care Center at Fort MacArthur
San Pedro, California

Wish List
These are the items we need all the time and it's tax deductible

Antibacterial dish washing soap
5/8* heavy duty 50ft hoses
Heavy Duty Blenders
Hose nozzles
Paper Towels
Dry erase markers
Cleanser (comet, ajax, etc)
Bottled water for volunteers
Extra Large Dog Kennels
Copier and printer paper
Dawn dishwashing soap
Welders gloves
Toilet Paper
Bleach non fragrance
Water sealant for wood
Heavy Duty electric stapler
Duct tape
Digital Video Camera
Cable ties
Medical Exam Gloves
Gift Certificates-Home Depot, Lowes, Osh, Office Depot, Staples

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