Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Walk The Dog

That is a yo-yo trick and it is also a chance to attend an autumn Dog Walk for Charity.
If you check with your local rescues there are many fall events planned to raise money to help homeless animals...the perfect time of year when the air cools and the Dogs come out to enjoy these fund raising outdoor events.

One local (to me) event is "KATIE'S 4th ANNUAL DOG WALK in ROCHESTER, MA."
This is the fourth year this pro-active young lady has chaired the event. Katie is a dreamer, a planner and a doer...Katie is 13. Her parents, Lisa and Jim, support her in her efforts to help local animal charities by lending a hand to this event.
The past three years have been successful as, not only a "Dog Walk," but in all the canine events at the walk created by Katie to make it even more fun for all involved.
There are prize winning dog events, contests, including the smallest dog, the largest, the best kisser, the best tricks and more!
Best of all she brings people together with their dogs and all kinds of fun breaks loose.

The money will go to local shelters in need of funds. Several town stores support her efforts with sponsorship and it is all good.
Find your own local events to help animals. The rewards are great and wonderful times await.
Image copyrighted to Carol Chretien "Charley" Katie's Basset.

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