Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fall Migration

The weather is starting to cool and the birds will soon start heading south. Thousands of birds of prey make the journey many thousand miles away. There several flight corridors throughout the United States where they can be viewed. This is a very difficult time for many birds. Some hit power lines on their way south. Others may be hit by automobiles. While still others may suffer during storms. For most of the injured, it is their first migration. In bird and wildlife rescues across the US, fall brings with it many injured birds. Places like Sarvey Wildlife Care Center and Cascades Raptor Center will need help attending to these sojourners.
painting above is for sale now on eBAy. It is titled "The Watcher". 20% of the proceeds from its sale will benefit Cascades Raptor Center.
R.J. Andreae - proud member of Art Helping Animals

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