Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Foster Pet Parents Needed

Georgia-currently in a foster home with Melinda Dalke. She is a foster kitten from Salem Friends of Felines in Salem, Oregon. Georgia will be up for adoption after October 10th, 2006

Have you ever thought about fostering a pet? Fostering means giving temporary nurture, care and shelter. It is a wonderful way to help shelters and rescues with the large amount of homeless pets that need care. There are all kinds of pets that need to be fostered-dogs, cats, rodents, horses to name a few.
Foster Pets need a lot of attention and affection. Before you bring your foster pet home please take the time to "pet proof" your home.You will need to remove poisonous plants, chemicals and anything you feel may harm them.
Make sure your foster pet has a safe, warm and secure place to be kept. They need to feel secure and you need to make sure they cannot get free and to runaway.
Take the time to learn as much as you can about caring for your foster pet. Ask the shelter-rescue about any medical issues you need to be aware of. Ask for veterinary information, feeding instructions and discuss what the pets history is. Some shelters/rescues pay for medical care-make sure and ask.
Being a Foster Pet Parent takes a great deal of time and commitment. It is also very rewarding, for you and the pet you are fostering.

Please check with your local shelters, rescues and animal charities to see if they have Foster Pet Parent programs.

Here are a couple of rescues that need Foster Pet Parents-

True Blue Animal Rescue


OldDog Haven


Dachshund Adoption, Rescue and Education


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