Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Perhaps you are a family with happy healthy pets enjoying the good life.
I look at our Dalmatian, Lizzie and our cat supreme, Emmi and I see what a loving and happy home they have, the attention, care and love they receive....I do wish it for all animals but they don't all get the happy home so easily.

The potential adoptees that wait for their own forever home sometimes have a difficult road to travel before they find the right family to make their days wonderful.
Last year at this time our beautiful and much loved cat Dinah suddenly became ill and we lost her to the Rainbow Bridge two weeks later. We really miss her, she was the most gentle and sweet girl, and for one so quiet she left a huge hole in our hearts and our daily life.
I think of her so much and it occured to me the best way to remember her and honor her was to use my weekly chance to BLOG for ART HELPING ANIMALS as a voice for DINAH.
I think of it as ANIMALS HELPING OTHER bring attention to another animal in need.
To honor her memory I have made a donation to help BROOKE with her veterinary medical treatment (she is a True Blue / T-Bar rescue dog as she heals on her way to her OWN "FOREVER HOME" and that way our Dinah will live a tiny bit more in Brooke's life.

Think of ways you can honor your own wonderful animals by helping those who are in such need.

Every little bit helps. Please visit our charities list featured on the home page of ART HELPING ANIMALS and click that DONATION BUTTON of your choice and let your Animals help other Animals in need. It feels so good!

Image of Brooke copyrighted to artist and foster volunteer V . Bridges-Hoyt ...Dinah copyrighted to Carol Chretien.

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