Sunday, October 15, 2006

Briard for Old Dog Haven

The 9X11 inch original Briard Watercolor painting is a benefit auction for Old Dog Haven. It is available on ebay.

I stopped at my vet's office yesterday to pick up some meds for my Welsh. I saw three older dogs being boarded. They were exceptionally well behaved. The three older dogs were a blue heeler mix, a Westie mix and a lab mix. The rest of the dogs were barking and demanding attention. These three were the only ones who were subdued. I asked about them and I was told that they were being boarded because their owner just died. My vet is wonderful at placing and caring for dogs like these, but many older dogs have no where to go. This is a reminder to update your wills. Make sure that any dogs in your care are mentioned. I am the legal godmother of several dogs. If something happens to the owner I am in the will as the person who the dogs will go to. Luckily there are places like Old Dog Haven, where older dogs get a second chance at a forever home.

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