Friday, October 13, 2006

Brooke: Before and After

After three weeks of paramite dips and antibiotics, Brooke is looking better although facing even bigger challenges to come. When the current treatments are completed, she will face heartworm eradication which is dangerous in itself. Depending on the severity of her infestation and the rate at which the adult heartworms die, a clot of worms could find its way into her lungs causing death during treatment. However, to ignore treatment is sure and painful death. Heartworm treatment must be performed by a qualified veterinarian who keeps quality of care in mind. Border collies are herding dogs, and the herding breeds react to some of the heartworm medications adversely. I will talk more about heartworms later, but now I want to post some before and after photos to show Brooke's progress to date.

September 24: Brooke's eyes BEFORE treatment

October 9: Brooke's eyes AFTER treatment
(treatment still in process)

September 24: back BEFORE treatment

October 12: back AFTER treatment
(treatment still in process)
The white specs you see (above) are dried flakes of the old skin that is sloughing off as new healthy skin grows.
Looking and smelling much better now.

Brooke continues to take antibiotics for the secondary bacterial infections that were caused from ignoring the skin condition. When this stage of treatment is completed, she will begin treatment to kill the heartworms.

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