Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Is It Time for your Pet's Regular Check-up?

Roz 9" x 12" Acrylics on Canvas 2006 Sold
I know that sometimes the year just slips by and it's that time again. But for your pet's sake it's a good idea to mark the annual check-up on the calendar. Preventitive care not only saves money, it saves lives. Because we don't speak the same language as our four-legged friends, they maybe suffering in silence with an undiagnosed disease. Another great thing about that regular check-up, is your pet will be up on all of his or her vaccines and preventive treatments. such as heartworm preventatives. So save some money and save your pet, remember the vet.
Schedule your pet's check-up today! And so you don't forget the date, check out our calendar. 100% of the profits is donated to animal rescues.

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