Wednesday, November 15, 2006


"In the Naked City there are many stories...this is one of them"...

The more mature readers may remember that line from the old TV drama of the same name. That is what it feels like each time you hear or read about a rescue of a pet that has a dramatic story to be told.

SKYLER would have a lot to say if she could talk. I don't know if we would feel comfortable hearing her tell us about her misery.

At the very time the artists were contacting the ART HELPING ANIMAL's favorite charities to highlight their homeless animals for the "Sponsor A Pet"project, WILLING HEARTS DALMATIAN RESCUE was rescuing Skyler and getting her to a veterinarian for acute care.

Visit to see the listings we are doing for fundraising to assist SKYLER and all the other animals we are trying to help.

There is so much to be done for so many but we try to keep the perspective of helping one animal at a time. It keeps us from being overwhelmed and on track doing what we can, a little everyday, to make the public aware of the need for funding for these neediest and homeless animals.
Our particular method, of course, is using ART to help.

At this time of year when people will spend millions on HOLIDAY giving and be trying to find that "perfect gift" we hope that they think of these animals and purchase a piece of original art that will not only make their gift recipient happy but also help a homeless animal live another day!
And if ART is not your thing then please go to the charity itself and make a much needed donation.
SKYLER and those like her will really appreciate your won't be another sweater sitting in someone's drawer, or be the wrong size or color! It will be a PERFECT fit!

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