Monday, February 26, 2007


Introducing my latest BONES BEAGLE TO SPONSOR...
CANDY is a newly rescued and PREGNANT beagle that is 7-8 yrs old.
She is one of the beagles rescued recently in the Limington all about it on the BONES site...

I have been one of the sponsors who help these beagles in foster care get the help they need to become your next greatest adopted pal!

So far I have had happy news to report with the beagles I have helped sponsor.
There was Sally & Sue a bonded pair of beagles adopted together.
Then Jake & Destiny who also were able to be kept together when adopted.
And most recently... senior named Copper!

Now when CANDY is ready to go to a forever home I will come back and highlight her story...
If you cannot foster or adopt....PLEASE think about sponsoring , many can help sponsor these beagles and just give what you can manage ( view the pictures on the BONES site and just pick your favorite to help out with!)...every little bit helps these wonderful pets!
thanks... Carol Chretien

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