Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Special Needs Cat - Bagheera

When Bagheera was hit by a car his owners rushed him to their vet who determined that his rear legs were irreversibly paralyzed. In addition, the nerves that control his bladder were damaged and Bagheera would need to have his bladder expressed by hand twice per day.

The owners, understandably, decided to have Bagheera put to sleep. But, by then, the vet and his staff had fallen in love with Bagheera's strong spirit and determination to survive. They asked to be given a chance to find a place for Bagheera that would take on his special needs. That sanctuary turned out to be Tabby's Place, a non-profit cat rescue in Ringoes, NJ.

I am happy to say that Bagheera is doing very well now thanks to the constant care he receives at Tabby's Place. He even has some mobility back due to his custom made cart. Most days he enjoys several hours exploring outside.

Bagheera will most likely spend the rest of his life at Tabby's Place because the cost of his medication and the time required for his care make him a poor candidate for adoption. If you can, please consider sponsoring Bagheera to help Tabby's Place provide him with the special care he needs and deserves.

To read Bagheera full story or to sponsor him please use this link:
Thank you for your help!

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