Sunday, March 04, 2007

Check it out! The Humane Scorecard

One of the very best ways you can help animals is to make sure that your voice is heard in Congress!

Every year Humane Society Legislative Fund sends out a scorecard that shows Congress in Review. The scorecard is out. You can see how the nation and your state fared when it comes to the humane treatment of animals.

My state Montana has an extremely poor voting record. In most cases the Montana position was ANTI animal. A large group of Montanans who care about these issue are continually writing, emailing and faxing their representatives. Although I am disappointed in my states performance, it only energizes me and others like me to bring more attention to the issues. Montana's voting record shows that Montana representatives are truly backward in how they think about the humane treatment of animals.

Please check out the score of your state concerning animal issues and let your representative know what you think. Don't be afraid to email your representatives in Congress. They need to hear from you!

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Deo Volente said...

This is really a wonderful way to see how our representitives are voting in a very easy to read and understand format.

My voting will be influenced my this report in the future.

Thank you Sandra for posting this!