Thursday, March 08, 2007

Meet KIMBALL available at BONES for adoption!

I know, I look at this little guy and you think HOW CAN HE NOT HAVE HIS OWN FOREVER HOME????
Well...the GOOD NEWS is...he is available from foster care at B.O.N.E.S.!

Get to know him...Introducing ...KIMBALL!
(the interview!)

BONES recently sat down with Kimball to discuss his search for an adoptive family. Here is a portion of the interview

BONES: So, Kimball, what sort of family are you hoping to find through BONES?

Kimball: Well, I would definitely love a family with other young dogs to play with, and some humans to play with, and maybe even a cat to play with! A fenced-in yard to RUN in would be fabulous, too. I really like to show off my speed!!

BONES: How do you respond to the rumors that you are destructive?

Kimball: Destructive?!?! I just get bored. . . And I want to play. All the time. And run.

BONES: How do you feel about crates?

Kimball: Oh, I actually like them a lot when it comes to sleeping! They are safe and warm, and my foster mom gives me great things to chew on in there. But, during the day, I prefer to have room to play with all the other dogs. And run. Fast, fast, fast!!

BONES: Do you consider yourself a snuggler?

Kimball: I don't have the time to stop for snuggles, per se, but I do enjoy a scratch on the ears and throat. That feels great every time!

BONES: If you could say anything to potential adopters out there, what would you say?

Kimball: Pick me! Pick me!! I need someone to play with! I won't run out of energy, I promise!!

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