Wednesday, April 18, 2007

HAPPY TALES News - Dalmatian Rescue Tampa Bay

This is Mildred...a.k.a...."Oreo"
she found her forever home through rescue...that second chance that saves a life.

A new "Mom" ...a new home...a new name!

On Sunday APRIL 15th the word went out through the rescue to the volunteers that Mildred was packed and ready to head to her new home...

this is the note about "Mildred/Oreo's" big day...
Well we made it home.
Mildred in the cab of our truck and Bubba in the bed. It rained all the way home. Mildred was a bit snappish towards Bubba at first, so we decided it would be best if we kept them separated until we got home.
When we got home, she was very excited, acted as if she totally belonged here and explored all over the inside and perimeter of her new home. She met her aunt Deborah (who is our good friend, neighbor and also a former Dalmatian mom).
We unpacked and were all quite tired from the trip. After dinner, we all watched some television in bed (she did not get on the bed until I told her to get on, and Bubba was just fine with it) and then called it a night. She slept in her crate.
This morning we went on a walk to explore our neighborhood and upon returning from our long walk, she and Bubba played chase in the back yard. She most definitely has a greyhound run, as opposed to a dal run, about her. It seems, thanks to God and everyone involved, that it is going to work out just fine for all of us.
For some unknown reason, when we got home, the name Nadine came out of my mouth when addressing her, so we started calling her Nadine. She will probably be meeting her new doctor (Snyder) this week, just to say hello and give her a look over. Will keep you guys posted.
thanks again for all that you do!
["Nadine's" new mom]

This is the BEST of rescue! Support second chances for animals.

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