Tuesday, May 29, 2007

... and Popeye

When a Dog is Dumped (continued)
by Melanie DeAeth

If you think Darling's story is a harsh reality, let me tell you about Popeye. Poor Popeye was lost and searching for an owner when he met the worst human possible. This person decided that rather than take Popeye to a humane shelter, he would kill Popeye himself so he shot him in the head. Poor Popeye didn't die because the bullet simply shattered his sinus cavity and lodged in his jaw area. Popeye ran away, but the man got him back and this time he tied him to a tree and beat him about the head with a golf club. This caused more damage to Popeye's sinus cavity but spared his brain and so, he lived. Lucky for Popeye a kind neighbor witnessed this and called the police who then called True Blue Animal Rescue to come and help him.

When we picked up Popeye that day he was still wagging his tail in search of that human who was nice to him before dumping him. After several days at the vet, IV fluids, anti-inflammatory medicine and antibiotics, Popeye is now on the road to recovery. He's eating and drinking on his own and his personality is back full force. This friendly fellow is housebroken, playful and very loving. He adores stuffed toys and carries them around in his mouth with his damaged head held high. He lost the vision in one eye, and he worries when he's not with one of us, but we are optimistic that Popeye will heal and have a good life now.

These are only two sad stories about two of the lucky ones: Darling and Popeye. They were lucky because they came to rescue and recovered. If they hadn't they would have died alone and scared with people around them that would rather harm an animal than take the time to help them.

If you can't keep your dog anymore or you find a stray dog, please bring them to a rescue or shelter where they will be safe and at least have a chance to find a new home. If you would rather not take the dog to a shelter and all the rescues are full, then find a home for him yourself. Put an ad in the paper, put up fliers and ask the people who call questions to find out if they will take care of their pet. Get a vet reference from them and ask where the dog will be living. You will be able to tell them about the dog to make sure that this new home will be a good match for this dog. If we all do our part, then together we can make a difference and stop animal abuse, neglect and overpopulation.

To see pictures of Darling and Popeye go to www.t-bar.org

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