Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Success Story!

Success Story!
by Melanie DeAeth

True Blue Animal Rescue we face sad situations every day but we also get to see happy endings as well. This is the case with the horse, Special T. She had a terrible bone infection in her withers and was at an auction being bid on by slaughter house buyers when I bid against them and won. The vet told me how difficult it would be to heal a bone infection, but I didn't let that stop me. After lots of antibiotics and months of flushing the wound with water, Special T's withers finally healed! She was the second rescue horse take in by T-bar and has been with us for well over three years. The infection caused damage to the bone in Special T's withers and because of that she is a companion only horse and should never be ridden. That made it hard to find a forever home for Special T, and so it seemed that she was destined to live her life in rescue. Then one day Special T's picture on the web page finally caught someone's eye and they came out to meet her. Angela and her husband fell in love with this beautiful girl immediately and decided to adopt.

On the day that Special T left for her new home she posed with her beloved new owners and then loaded like a champ. Though I know she may have seemed out of sorts, she was going to "her" home. Maybe she knew it as she started off. Maybe when she looked back, she did to take one last look at the farm that gave her a chance; where she became the lady she is today. God Bless.

Melanie DeAeth, President
Ann Brady, Secretary
Diana Bender, VP of Public Relations
Lauren Lee, VP Website
Dale DeAeth, VP / Facility Manager

Elizabeth Hewett, VP of inspections and health care
Whitney Twiss, Volunteer Coordinator
Shelli Schmidt, Education Coordinator
Anthony Maldonado – Pet Welfare Coordinator
Taylor Lehr, TBAR Photographer
Teri Van Horn – Event Coordinator

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