Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lincoln, a Super Snuggly Dachshund

As a founding member of Art Helping Animals, I paint to help animals in all parts of the USA. My current art project will benefit Lincoln, a purebred Dachshund in need of a forever home in Florida. Lincoln was rescued by DARE • Dachshund Adoption, Rescue and Education headquartered in Florida.

Lincoln is a 5-year old, 11 pound red dachshund boy. Lincoln needed to gain a pound or two and has done that as he waits patiently for adoption. He used to be paralyzed in his back legs but had back surgery in November and now he can walk again, a little wobbly but he's getting around. Lincoln does not have full control of his potty skills though and that will likely not come back, but he is a SUPER snuggly little guy and his most favorite thing to do is give you kisses and kisses and more kisses. Lincoln is so hoping for a forever home of his very own where he can be adored.

My painting of Lincoln is inspired by the photo above and can be seen at the Art Helping Animals Gallery. In the meantime, please visit the DARE web site and donate something to help with Lincoln's care and medical expenses. Small donations add up. If you are so moved to give Lincoln the forever home he waits for, apply to adopt him.

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