Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Mother's Day is coming....

MOTHER'S DAY is a great time to think about how we can prevent FERAL CATS from becoming "mothers" of unwanted litters ...find out what you can do in your own local area.

is one of the supported charity/rescues of ART HELPING ANIMALS
they capture, spay/neuter and release feral cats.

Below is a summary of how it FCCO...visit their site to see all their news.

Mobile Clinics
Click for a
schedule of upcoming clinics.
Our mobile clinic is equipped with three operating stations and enables us to offer clinics throughout Oregon.
What a sight! After the cats are checked-in they await surgery. All traps and carriers are covered to keep the cats calm.

These two handsome felines nervously await their turn for surgery. Soon they'll be returned to their caregivers.
Cats awaiting surgery are transported to the anesthesia room, the rear door of the mobile hospital, 4-5 at a time. Once anesthetized, each cat receives a pain relief injection and is passed to the prep area.
In the prep area, cats are prepped for surgery and male cats are neutered.
All cats' ears are tipped so that they can be identified as having already participated in the clinic.
Three veterinarians can spay cats simultaneously in our surgical suite. All veterinarians who participate in our program volunteer their time.
In Post-op, the cats have their temperature taken, their anesthesia recovery is continuously monitored, they are flea combed & flea sprayed, they are kept warm, and are given fluids as needed.
All cats are monitored until they are fully awake and are then sent home with their caregiver.

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