Monday, May 28, 2007


When a Dog is Dumped (continued)
by Melanie DeAeth

Let me tell you about what Darling encountered when left to fend for herself in the country. Darling is much too friendly to have been a lifelong stray and because of this she trusted the wrong people.

I found Darling at a gas station. She was skinny, had an abscess and infection around her head and neck and she has a scar along the top of her back that is typically seen on dogs when someone squirts lighter fluid on an animal and lights it. Darling had nearly given up hope and was sitting to the side looking sad and forlorn when I called her over. She decided to try and find help one more time and slowly walked over.

After a trip to the vet to clean her wounds and get her started on antibiotics Darling started to come out of her shell. With plenty of good food Darling quickly put on weight and became the energetic, happy, lab mix that she had been before. The scar on her back will be a reminder that not all people are nice and that bad things can happen when you're left out alone.

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