Saturday, May 26, 2007

When a Dog is Dumped

When a Dog is Dumped
by Melanie DeAeth

In True Blue Animal Rescue
we take in dogs for a variety of reasons but the biggest problem that contributes to overpopulation and homelessness in dogs is DUMPING.

There is a great misconception by people who believe that those of us that live in the country want another dog. Just because we have large yards doesn't mean we can properly care for an endless number of dogs. So, what happens to the dumped dog? At best he will be taken to a no kill animal rescue but rescues are often full and cannot take in every animal that needs a home.

The next thing that might happen to a dumped dog is that a kind person might find him a home and if they cannot they would take him to the safety of an animal shelter. In this case the dog might be euthanized, which makes us all sad, but until people stop indiscriminate breeding and dumping their unspayed dogs in the country there will continue to be more dogs than we, as a society, can absorb. Euthanasia is still more humane than dumping and the two most recent dogs we have taken in illustrate that point.

The story of Darling and Popeye will continue. Please bookmark the Art Helping Animals News and come back to read about Darling and Popeye.

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