Saturday, August 04, 2007

HSUS NRRO has asked for our help.

The Humane Society of the US, Northern Regional Rockies Office just emailed me and asked me to let everyone know that we truly need your help.

There are bills going before Federal Legislation which would help animals. An important bill is on farm animals. Please contact your federal legislators to support this bill! This is a one time opportunity to make a difference with a phone call to your Legislator.

I didn’t realize it, but they only vote every 5 years on the Ag stuff….so it’s so very important to help farm animals during this session!!!

The Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act sets very basic, reasonable requirements for the treatment of farm animals whose products are purchased by the federal government. The bill requires producers who supply farm animal-derived products to the federal government to ensure that the animals have:

1) adequate shelter, with space to stand, lie down, move their heads freely, extend their limbs, and turn around;

2) adequate food and water, without force-feeding or starvation; and

3) adequate veterinary care, including prompt treatment or humane euthanasia when sick or injured.

These are just basic requirements!!! Please take a moment and check this out. For more information go to

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