Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Where's Dave, Director of HSUS NRRO?

If you think that the director of HSUS NRRO (Northern Rockies Regional Office of the Humane Society) wears a white shirt and sits at a desk, think again. I've asked Dave to tell us about where he is weekly and how he uses the special AHAT fund that is supported by ArtHelpingAnimals. The AHAT fund is used only for rescues. So here's the latest scoop on "Where's Dave?" in Dave's own words.

This week is typical. I have been in five states, if we don't count the state of confusion. Yesterday I responded to an emergency request to rescue some turtles and pond life under the blade of an end loader that was filling in the pond to make room for Billings shopping mall! In the last 20 hours we have caught 14 Western Painted Turtles , and some toads. This morning we expect both some more turtles and some fish in our traps. The construction workers were EXCITED that they did not have to be the ones to have to push the final load of dirt over these animals!

Two days before I was in Idaho (Henrys Lake) and Montana to visit a new environmental education center and the base camp of the Buffalo Field Campaign, and then off to a small Montana town to rescue a Bushy-Tailed Woodrat The Hutterite colony had tried everything imaginable to trap or remove the cute rodentia from a trailers ductwork. I and a visiting animal welfarist from Pingtung, Taiwan pulled up a floor grate in a bathroom and set a few live traps baited with cheese, peanut butter and one with a ball of plain aluminum foil. We sealed off the bathroom and within 25 minutes the B.T. Woodrat could not resist the treasure of aluminum foil and we had caught him and quickly transported him to a woodrat habitat containing brush piles, rock piles, a water source and some native food sources. Thanks for trying to keep track of me!!!!"
Click Here to see a Bushy Tailed Woodrat

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Deo Volente said...

AWWWW!!! A Bushy Tailed Woodrat that likes aluminum foil! :)

Great following you in your adventures this week Dave. The turtle rescue was fantastic!