Saturday, August 18, 2007

Where's Dave, Director of HSUS NRRO

I just received this from Dave (Director of HSUS NRRO - Northern Regional Rockies Office of the Humane Society. He's been rescuing wildlife all week. His rescue reminds me of the phrase "all creatures great and small". All creatures great and small are rescued by Dave. He was up rescuing turtles until almost 3:00 AM last night... talk about dedication.

(Near Billings) 8/18/07

Dr Hsia (Pingtung, Taiwan) and I worked with headlamps in two feet of mud and sludge until 22:50 last night capturing the last of the 35 Western Painted Turtles that were displaced by the filling in of the JTL pond this week. We ended up catching 17 in traps, 6 with nets, 2 with an huge end loader and ten by slipping through the toxic mud and catching by hand. 34 were treated with basic oil spill technique and released in park or private ponds. The last one has a partially split carapace and I have her on antibiotics... and will hold for a week and arrange for shell was near death last night...but better today in warm and clear water.... We also relocated about 200 tadpoles..but am holding them in my duckling tank until I can confirm species... from flashlight view it appears to be a mixture of non-native bull-frog, Northern Leopard and Western Toad tadpoles (or Pauli-wogs as we like to call them). Dr Hsia got great training during his visit but "he already say" the turtle rescue, baby squirrel rescue ( I am bottle feeding 3) and the bushy-tailed Woodrat rescue were the highlights of his ten day adventure in MT and CO.

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