Monday, August 27, 2007

Where's Dave, Director of HSUS NRRO?

It's fascinating finding out where Dave the Director of HSUS NRRO is and is going during the next week. Here's the latest from "Where's Dave?" as he continues to make a difference in the lives of animals. What is amazing is that in one week he has hands-on work feeding fox squirrels and meeting with with the leaders of a seven state agrcultural

It has been another interesting week. I have been traveling in Montana and Colorado with two unweaned fox squirrels that fell from a tree in Billings. They first traveled with me from Montana to Colorado: to the Red Rocks National Park. They accompanied me through a tour of a soon to be opened environmental research center in the privately owned town of LakeView, Colorado. In between their six hour feedings I managed to drive to Helena, Montana for a fundraiser for the Montana Wildlife Rehab Center and to meet with some people in the capital city of Montana on wildlife and legislative issues.

Returning to Billings, I took the squirrels home and set them up in a large bird cage as they have begun to eat soft food and and are under the care of my youngest daughter while I am back in Denver today meeting with seven state agricultural groups about potential legislation to help pigs, chickens and veal calves in Colorado.

I return home to Billings Monday night and have a full slate of media interviews for Tuesday about the Vick Dogfighting case. Then I have my monthly conference call reviewing conservation easements for the Wildlife Land Trust...but the best part will be getting home to resume care of my two little nutty buddies Scrat and Squeakers!!!

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I love this ! What a guy!