Sunday, August 26, 2007




What a difference some care and love make.

Meet LouDog...

This 1.5 yr old girl was rescued from a FLORIDA shelter.

Her story is like so many.


She was turned into a shelter by her original family who just didn't want her any more.


She was adopted and then returned after one month because her 2nd family was moving.

And THEN...

Animal control personally went to beg our foster dad from DALMATIAN RESCUE OF TAMPA BAY to take her because she was so adorable and he did!


One very lucky girl. Just a baby really...already such a hard life and would have been put down if the agent for Animal Control had not intervened.

She is going to be spayed this week...she had kennel cough and like so many rescues in Florida, is heartworm positive. She will be treated.
She deserves a secure and loving home and life!

I will be painting her for charity. She will be a "star" and we will shine a little light on her and for others like her who have similar stories.

One animal at a time....every life matters!

Carol Chretien for ART HELPING ANIMALS.

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