Friday, September 07, 2007


For those of you not familiar with the breed, the Saluki is the oldest breed. The pharaohs use Salukis to hunt Gazelle and rabbits. The Saluki was one of the few breeds to sleep in the Pharaohs tents. Salukis are in the sighthound family along with the Greyhound, Whippet and Afghan.

About 18 months ago, STOLA rescued 40 Saluki hounds in the Elektra Rescue case. Stola hoped a Saluki rescue of that magnitude would be a unique event, but now they are facing another large rescue of up to 29 Salukis. Stola was informed that Animal Control of Gwinnett County, Georgia was in the process of seizing 19 Salukis from a home in Duluth, GA. Just a few days earlier, Gwinnett county had impounded 100 animals from a different case, so they had very little space to house an additional number of Salukis. Stola is very grateful to Gwinnett County Animal Control for turning the Salukis over to them without putting them through the trauma of a shelter impound situation. STOLA had to agree to have all the 19 Salukis neutered/spayed and to provide Animal Control with proof of neutering in the form of veterinary certificates. STOLA had no choice but to comply with this mandate. If Stola did not agree to this, all the dogs would have been impounded into Animal Control facilities and been neutered there, which would have been very traumatic for these Salukis.

These 19 Salukis have been turned over to STOLA's custody. An additional 10 Salukis in this case may also be turned over to Stola. STOLA will need funding to pay for veterinary medical care and transportation to carefully screened adoptive homes. With this number of dogs Stola needs to raise $25,000 for their care. Stola is asking for your generosity in assisting them to help these needy Salukis. Situations like this are very difficult on everyone involved, but it is hardest on the dogs.

Please help Stola by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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