Sunday, September 02, 2007

Where's Dave? Director of HSUS NRRO

Howdy… First an update. In my first note to you I reported that we had rescued 16 painted turtles from a Yellowstone county pond being filled in! Update: We ended up saving THIRTY FIVE turtles and a few hundred tadpoles from the pond. As artists I knew you would enjoy the natural beauty of our Western Painted turtles so imposed upon these two urban-sprawl victims for one quick shot of their beautiful carapaces for you to enjoy. Seconds later they were in the pond with their choice of pond life or river life!

Scrat and Squeakers are also growing quickly and getting rather…. err … “Squirrely”. I am planning their “soft” release under their birth tree as soon as they double their weight and show the skills necessary for survival. ( soft means they will have their current den cage and can decide to leave and live in a tree when THEY are ready)

I like to share the good stories with you…but for balance you need to know that my job is not always warm and fuzzy… this week I spent time on providing logistics for a dog fighting ring bust in Idaho; offered a $2500 dollar reward for some troubled people in North Dakota who are shooting big game animals in August and just letting them die, and offering a grant to South Dakota Agriculture to bring in a trainer to prevent a reoccurrence of the 2200 cattle that died from heat stress in SD feedlots last week.

But I still managed to complete a hands on recertification for Swiftwater Rescue (need to recertify every three years) and to be the guest speaker at a regional disaster conference with 38 folks in Billings from eight states.

And finally in the rescue department we took in a ferret and rehomed her, closed down the last of our wildfire emergency animal shelters, and did some planning for a huge project next month to contracept several herds of wild horses. But that is,indeed, a story for the next issue of Where in the world am ... I !!!

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