Thursday, October 18, 2007

HAPPY NEWS - a Dog is saved!


the Dalmatian in the previous post was rescued and saved from euthanaisia. I believe there were inquires for some of the others also that may have been rescued.

I know it is not enough but at least we got some help here.

EDUCATION at every opportunity and shared with everyone you know helps...when they share with everyone they know.

Please keep the info moving out to everyone that SPAYING AND NEUTERING all domestic animals is the baseline.
Working to indentify and close PUPPY MILLS and education about those factories manufacturing puppies for PETSHOPS will help.

BOYCOTTING the PURCHASE of PETSHOP PETS might help with closing puppy mills.

and supporting rescue and adoption of animals needing homes....all helps.

Keep the Faith and Spread the word to help homeless animals.

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