Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Where's Dave, Director of HSUS NRRO

Dave's Rescued Racoon that now thrives at the Beartooth Nature Center

Dave is always busy helping the animals whether it's hands on rescues, educating people about animals or lobbying for new laws and law enforcement to protect the animals. It's wonderful to know that the animals have such a wonderful advocate. Here's his latest update:

"Can it really be nearing the end of October??? The past few weeks were a blur that included an excellent evening with your own Sandra Merwin, husband Andrew and a table full of other animal friendly supporters of the Humane Society. We attended the Beartooth Nature Centers annual Feast for the Beasts and a great educational program by Montana Wildlife Expert Vince Yannon.

We have a very active "animal fighting" week. First I sent two NRRO staffers to participate in the record making cock fighting confiscation in San Diego involving almost FIVE THOUSAND fighting Birds. Then I went to Twin Falls Idaho and held a town hall meeting on animal fighting and met with agencies and law enforcement to promote a felony animal fighting bill for 2008.

While in Idaho I conducted a day of board training for the People for Pets Magic Valley Humane Society, and met with some wildlife rehab folks about future projects. While traveling I was still able to work on cruelty cases in Montana (inhumane euthanasia), Colorado (abuse) and North Dakota ( canned hunting).

I also was a guest speaker for two workshops at the Mid American Zookeepers Association. I spoke to zoo management on how zoo's and humane societies could work better together and how zookeeper's can better prepare for disasters.

And finally I met with city officials to discuss a dog park planning committee and to see a demonstration of a new solar animal proof waste receptacle. Throw in a half dozen conference calls on wildlife issues, disaster preparedness and wild horse contraception and it was a well traveled and productive time for animals."

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