Saturday, May 24, 2008

East Of Eden ....

I received this news from Dalmatian Rescue of Tampa Bay
they have just saved this girl from certain death.
She has to be rehabbed but she is being fostered.
A painting just off the easel is listed on EBAY to help DRTB:
Please read her story...
Eden is about 6 years old from Collier County.
She is very thin, a high heartworm positive that needs treatment ASAP, and her nails were so long that a dewclaw had grown a 1/4" into her pad.
She also may be deaf since she sleeps like the dead... not even making coffee in the morning will stir her.
I think she may have once been a house pet since someone cared enough to get her spayed, but then was turned outside & became a stray.
She definitely prefers to be in the house.
She is a beautiful girl with intelligent eyes and interested in the world around her.
She has begun to play with stuffed toys.
She loves people and seems to behave well with other dogs (doesn't like mine & that might be that she has no status here).
She likes to see the outside kitties run, but is good on a leash.
She tries to tell you she needs to go out to potty, but I think being at the shelter taught her that might not happen.
She still hasn't fully settled into her new surroundings & is a bit nervous, but she would be great in a home of her own.
She leans against me when I'm with her to make sure she doesn't get left behind.
She loves going for a car ride & is so good in the car... I took her to McD's for a treat.
She will be a devoted dog for the right person who could love this beautiful girl.
Keeping the hope she gets adopted to a forever family when she is healthy and ready.
thanks for helping homeless animals with art!

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