Monday, May 12, 2008

Where's Dave? Director of HSUS NRRO

We haven't heard from Dave in a while... that's because he's been very busy travelling for the animals. Here are some photos he sent and some information about people in another corner of the world who are working to help animals.

Sandra... Sorry for a delayed report...but for the past two weeks I have been in the Republic of the Philippines teaching classes and field demonstrations. I got back last night and leave tomorrow for a week in Florida at Animal Care am going to give you a teaser with some photographs.

In summary, I was one-half of a two person team selected by Humane Society International to go over to help the Philippines Animal Welfare Coalition, its Department of Agriculture, and it Veterinary Medical Association to develop plans and events to combat the over 350 annual HUMAN deaths from rabies.

We also lectured on disaster preparedness, early spay neuter procedures and a variety of topics from capture to humane education and public relations. It was a long hot, humid trip...but well worth every moment. I will add some text to the story in the coming days...but for now here a six shot summary of the places, critters and issues I worked on with my team partner Dr Barry Kellogg of Florida.

Please do not let this sampling of photographs form your opinion of the Filipino people. They were excellent hosts and are making true efforts to introduce progressive and modern animal welfare concepts and protocols. One city veterinarian listened to my talk on public image and humane education and announced immediately after the presentation that she was changing her "dog catchers" job description to "dog control officer" and that she would ask the mayor to rename the City Pound to the City Animal Shelter. From decades of personal experience I know that these changes are MUCH MORE than semantics, and am gratified to play even a minute role in helping this great culture to improve both its public health and animal welfare status. Their goal is to Rabies Free by 2020 and from the determination I saw from these the NGO's (non government organizations), the veterinarians and the Agriculture Department... I have no doubt they will make that goal and improve conditions for animals all the way along.

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