Monday, May 19, 2008

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Willing Hearts...where Angels do their work on the front lines of rescue.

What the shelter staff said about Penny:
Penny is a sweet senior girl that was brought in by the dog warden. She's good with other dogs and seems to be housebroken. We took her to the vet and she's got a hematoma on one ear that was apparently ignored by the previous owner and is now in bad shape. We've got her on steroids and antibiotics at this time and we are seeking foster care or assistance in placing her because she is such a sweetheart and we don't want to put her down without giving her a chance.

Merlin is an already neutered 6-10 year old male Dalmatian. Poor Merlin was surrendered to the shelter by his owner because they were moving. Merlin is a well behaved boy who is a little cautious and shy in the noisy, stressful shelter, but is very friendly and handsome. He has some dermatitis on his back end that could use a bath and treatment, but otherwise is in good shape. Merlin is now in a foster home.
Here's what his foster Mommy had to say:
Hi All,Just a quick update.Merlin is very shy and scared. He is very sick with kennel cough. He has A LOT of mucus discharge green and yellow. He is very sad. I have him downstairs to give him some peace and quite. He lets me give him meds. He hasn't eaten but will drink. He has found his comfy place on the sofa and watches TV and naps. He is housebroken and WILL be wonderful when he is feeling better. Poor guy. Not a big fan of letting me wipe his nose but deals with it. I've been spraying his back end with Sterilox to help the dermatistis and he seem comfortable. I'll send another update with his progess in a few days..D...
Update 5/15/08:
Hi All,Quick update on the Merlin Man!He is feeling MUCH better. No more doggie snot and very little coughing! He came upstairs yesterday and does well with my other guys! Although he thinks my smaller guys are toys and wants to play with them! He is a sweet boy but needs to know his place. He is doing well and slept in bed last night. Once he settled down he was fine the rest of the night. He's a typical dal has to be touching you! LOL So he is well on his way to a full recovery. He's stubborn, but what dal isn't? LOLHe's a great boy!
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