Monday, August 18, 2008

TBAR saves Tuscany, a horse rescue

Sadly for every animal that gets adopted there are several waiting to come into True Blue Animal Rescue. Here is a picture of Tuscany. We named him that because we know he will live up to the name when he fills out and becomes the beautiful horse he once was. He's in his early 20's which means he is not extremely old for a horse. Today horses live well into their 30's. There is no reason for this guy to be this thin except that he didn't have enough food. When Dale and I went out to see him after a phone call from the owner telling us that she can't afford to feed him and begging us to take him we were stunned by what we saw. There was some poor quality grain but no hay for this guy to eat but his eyes were bright and he looked at us with hope. Enough said, so we went back and picked up the trailer and took him home. He's eating senior feed four times a day with plenty of hay so we expect him to come around and start gaining weight quickly. 

This is only one of many horses that we helped in 2008 alone and with the increasing cost of feed for animals we expect that number to grow over the next several months. Once we get the weight on them the cost of maintaining their weight isn't as much so they become adoptable. Until that time the amount of feed we'll have to feed a horse like Tuscany is staggering. Please consider sponsoring Tuscany or one of the other horses in rehabilitation. You can follow their rehabilitation on our web page as we update their story and pictures. Sponsors also receive a certificate of sponsorship and a personal picture that will be mailed to  you. Donations can be made via pay pal on our web site or checks can be sent to True Blue Animal Rescue, PO Box 1107, Brenham, Texas 77834.

Please help us to make another success story out of Tuscany. He'll be the perfect horse for another little girl or boy to learn to ride and trust horses. This creates the next generation of horse loving people who will help care for and love horses in the future. 

President, True Blue Animal Rescue

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