Thursday, August 21, 2008

Value the of the Hug

Yesterday there was a touching article in my local paper about a dog named Shannon who was adopted and became the most beloved family pet.

As I read this piece I realized it was an eulogy to this animal. The story was about how this, at first, unwanted pet turned into a life force that spanned 15 years of a family's journey along with all their ups and downs of family experiences.

It mentioned how the unconditional love was so valued as the steady constant in the family during some tough times.
In the end, it was time to let this dog go to her final rest with love and dignity...
that "Something" that none of us wants to face ...but that all of us who know the value of their true companionship, finds so heart wrenching to experience.

The great joys of true love have the great cost of letting them go when the time comes.

After I read the article I needed to hug my Lizzie who was laying beside me snoozing. Her 10th birthday is Sunday. I wish we could stop time but because we cannot it is better to consciously enjoy the time we are given ...and hugs and kisses should be liberally taken advantage of.

Shannon is at the Bridge, I am sure, enjoying her prime again. Perhaps when they are ready her family will embrace a new adoption with the love they still have to give a wonderful companion.
It becomes a nice tribute to the one that has gone ahead to wait at the Bridge.

Go hug your dog! Let them hug you back. We can't have too many hugs.

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