Friday, February 27, 2009

Oreo, black & white Filly needs your Help at T-bar in Texas

This is Oreo, a three year old paint filly, that was found wandering the streets with her pasture mates. When nobody claimed her she was turned over to True Blue Animal Rescue (Tbar). She lived in a wonderful foster home with some other young horses and was doing very well. Since Oreo is a young horse she is curious so when she saw an open gate she ran out without much thought for her safety. It was getting dark and an SUV that was speeding by hit her very hard. She flew into the air and landed on the ground with a thud. Her foster owner was there and after making sure the people in the car were OK he ran to her side. Oreo got up and except for a few scrapes she looked OK too. The vet came and examined her and decided to give her some medicine and let her rest. Later, after X-raying her we found out that she had some broken bones in her knee and that she’d need surgery to make her comfortable. The only other option is euthanasia because arthritis is already setting in and it is getting harder and harder for Oreo to use her knee. We contacted surgeons at A & M vet hospital and although the surgery would cost $8000. Dr. Watkins was able to get $4000 of that funded through another foundation. Oreo is young and will do well with this surgery. After she heals she can be ridden lightly and will have a good life. The only problem is that True Blue Animal Rescue does not have the other $4000 to spend on surgery for one horse so we are asking for your help. Please donate any amount of money you can to help us pay for Oreo’s surgery. She’s too young to have her life ended this soon. She survived abuse, neglect and being hit by an SUV. Now she needs your help so she can continue living!

Go to and make a paypal donation with the note “Oreo’s fund”. 
Or send a check to 

True Blue Animal Rescue 
PO Box 1107
Brenham, TX 77834

Don’t wait, make a donation today so Oreo can get the help she needs.

True Blue Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit organization dedicated to helping animals in need. All donations to Tbar are tax deductable.

True Blue Animal Rescue

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