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TBAR Happenings & Recent Adoptions


We are HAPPY to list the following adoptions which have occurred during the last few weeks!
FREDDY, a golden retriever mix puppy went to his new home. Dog 1 He will be a companion to Stu and another lab mix dog.
Lucky Freddy will be an inside dog and getting all the attention he needs and deserves! When we called for an update on Freddy, he was sitting on the couch next to Stu and is very much loved!
Dirk, was driven to his new home on Sunday Dog 9 to be sure it would work out and everything seems great! He got along with their other dogs and seemed happy to be there. When we left, Dirk was safely inside the fenced area and as he gets used to his new home will be able to venture out and run and play in their large yard. When we called to see how he was adjusting we found him to be out in the yard and getting along well with the other dog and not bothering the chickens.
Husky, not only has a new home but a new name. He is now called Jake, and is loved by his new mom! Dog 21
Jackson, has found his new home and we are delighted to know he is well loved and getting all the attention he deserves! Dog 7
Clyde, went into his new home on Friday! Dog 14 Della, his foster mother, drove him to his new home in Brenham. A nice couple saw Clyde in the paper and decided to give him a try! Hooray for Clyde!


January 2009 in her new home!
Name: DollyT-Bar #: H125
Age: 29Sex: mareHeight: Weight:
Color: Red Roan
Registered Association:Reg #:
Abilities: Available to adopt as a companion horse
ADOPTED - Thank You!Location: Washington, TX
Description: Update: December 2008: Dolly is adopted. She has a forever home!
Dolly's Before pictures:

January 2008 - Registered a 1 on the Henneke Body Scoring Scale (as low as it goes)
Dolly was donated to TBAR significantly underweight. She measures a '1' on the Henneke Scale used to rate body condition. The scale goes from 1 to 9. She is the most skinny of the three, although this picture doesn't show just how emaciated she is. Even though she is just skin and bones, she is still sweet and loving. Dolly really needs her teeth floated (filed) to help her eat better, but she is so skinny, she can't handle the sedation required. Captain, Dolly and Blanca were all rideable, kid-broke, gentle horses before being neglected. Although at 30 years old, Dolly deserves retirement.

April 2008 - Gaining weight but still a long way to go

Update: April 14, 2008: Dolly has put on a lot of weight and her winter coat is shedding out in chunks! She finally put on enough weight to be able to handle the sedation to get her teeth floated. You can see how skinny she still is in her new photo; and that's after 2.5 months of proper food. Thanks to your support, Dolly and her companions are getting the care and feed they need to get back to health! She still has a ways to go, but she's on her way!

Gracie & Valentino

October 2008 - A Happy Healthy Horse!
April 2008

February 14, 2008
(the day she was saved)

Name: GracieT-Bar #: H129
Age: 2.5 yrsSex: fillyHeight: Weight:
Color: Sorrell with white star and 2 white coronet bands
Breed: Quarter horse
Registered Association:Reg #:
Abilities: In review
Adoption Fee: $300Location: Washington, TX
Description: Gracie was donated to TBAR and is emaciated. Her body registered a 1 on the Henneke Body Scale - as low as it gets. She's only 2 years old and has been starved most of her short life. She has to be given food slowly because she doesn't know that she will never go without food again. (picture taken at her previous home)
Update: April 14, 2008: Gracie has put on a lot of weight and her winter coat is shedding out in chunks! It's hard to catch her with her head up, she's eating all the time. Thanks to your support, Gracie is getting the care and feed she needs to get back to health!
Update: October 1, 2008: Look at Gracie now! She's beautiful, happy and healthy and ready for a forever home!

Thank you to Gracie's Sponsor(s): V. Bridges Hoyt Design

November 2008 with T-Bar's Teresa
Name: ValentinoT-Bar #: H130
Age: Sex: geldingHeight: Weight:
Color: Bay
Breed: Quarter horse
Registered Association:Reg #:
Abilities: In review
ADOPTED - Thank You!Location: Washington, TX
Description: Valentino was donated to TBAR on Valentine's Day and registered a 1 on the Henneke Body Scale. That is as low as the scale goes. His winter fur his his true emaciated condition. He looked as bad as Gracie, his pasture companion.

February 2008

April 2008 - Putting on weight, but still a long way to go.
November 2008: Gracie and Valentino were adopted together! Thank you!

A huge thank you to those who have done so much to support True Blue Animal Rescue.
It's been a wonderful year and we're looking forward to helping more animals!
We will be having our spay/neuter rebate drive again this spring. All dogs spayed or neutered
in Burleson, Washington and Grimes Counties during the months of Feb. and March can send in their
invoice for a $20 rebate for neuters and a $40 rebate for spays.
More details to come!


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