Monday, April 27, 2009

HOPE springs eternal...


Meet TYSON, currently in foster care on Cape Cod, MA.
As with all the artists here at ART HELPING ANIMALS, I paint for my local rescues when the need arises. I was recently contacted by Friends of Falmouth Dogs to ask if I could paint one of their rescues to help with some funding...In this economy we can all use the help but the RESCUES are really getting hard hit.
They not only get fewer dollars but they also rescue MORE animals!
We are all in this together so spread the links that will help rescue when you can!
Tyson was adopted from a shelter in Maine when he was 12 weeks old. His owner moved and her new landlord would not allow a Pit Bull to be at the house. He was surrendered to the Friends of Falmouth Dogs at 11 months. Unfortunately even prior to the move, Tyson's life was unstable and he was cared for by a family acquaintance for several months before he was returned to his owner. Despite his strength, Tyson is an affectionate dog. He's eager to please and has responded well to training. Typical to many Pits, Tyson has very pink skin and is prone to skin allergies. Cold weather as well as a collar worsened the condition. He also had a recurring problem with his old wound he received as a young puppy. Periodically it would bleed, particularly when he shook his head. His skin allergy probably impacted his healing process. Over time, the stress of the kennel took it's toll and Tyson's ear bled daily (not very appealing to potential adopters). A portion of his ear was removed and stitched in an effort to promote healing. Tyson was placed in foster care in hopes of decreasing his stress level. He is doing well and is living with 4 other dogs while he waits for his forever home.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don't hesitate to contact:

This new painting (pictured above) is offered to assist FRIENDS OF FALMOUTH DOGS
20% of the sale will go directly to the rescue.
Thanks for helping homeless animals with ART!
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