Sunday, May 10, 2009

Middle Eastern Salukis - A Growing Concern!

The situation with abandoned Middle Eastern Salukis grows worse. We need your help to spread the word that abandoned Salukis in the Middle East are in need of care and loving homes. To continue our work in helping them we need donations, adopters, and foster homes. By raising awareness of this increasing problem, we hope to get help from other groups and individuals internationally.

We regularly receive pleas for help from various parts of the Middle East. Julie from Doha has written to us: "I live in Doha and recently started to care for an abandoned and starving Saluki mother and her 3 surviving pups living in perilous conditions on a building site near my home. The watchman on the site told us she had been thrown from a car. As other dogs had started to join this family, the local residents were on the verge of calling the police, who would come and shoot them all (in reality, using them for target practice as those who have witnessed the spectacle say it can take a couple of hours until the injured dogs are finally cornered and killed). The manager of a local vets practice, Kim, offered to help by taking them into a spare room in her surgery as an emergency measure, a contact managed to convince the police to give us a couple of days, and we caught Momma (who is unsurprisingly timid), the 3 pups.... the boy pup sadly died shortly after rescue, Momma is now temporarily on a farm, one of the girl pups is fostered with me, one in a holding pen at the vets. However, we don't have a longer term solution for them. The local animal shelter is full to bursting and also takes in abandoned Salukis." Kim from Doha Vet inQatar writes: "I hope you will please help...this little girl saluki, 2 months old, we have taken in. She was being raised to be a hunting dog and has a minor fracture on her leg, which is already healing she can put weight on it. However, what is so appalling is the owner has decided at 8 days old all the saluki pups will have their ears cut off. He owns over 200 dogs. The ears are cut off without anesthesia, using scissors because they think it will make the dogs run faster.

This little girl needs love.....she is so sweet, please if anyone can foster or accept her into your family.I can look beyond this mutilation .....can you ????? her little eyes are filled with hope and thanks. We still have many pups, kittens, cats and dogs, our clinic is full. Thank you for all your help and support."

To help with this growing problem STOLA has created a Middle Eastern Saluki Cause page on Facebook to spread this news around the world. Please go to the page, donate if you can, and forward the link to your friends and family. Donations for Middle Eastern Salukis will be held in a separate fund from our regular donations for the U.S. Salukis.
Facebook Save Middle Eastern Salukis Cause Page You can also donate directly to the STOLA Middle Eastern Saluki Fund at our website STOLA Middle Eastern Saluki Fund

Born in squalor - we must not let this continue to happen! PLEASE HELP! If we each do just a little, we can accomplish a lot.

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