Tuesday, September 29, 2009

BONES - Helping Beagles Find Their Way Home

Beagles Of New England States (B.O.N.E.S.) rescue is one of our long standing AHA supported rescues. They do wonderful work helping hundreds of gorgeous Beagles of all ages find new homes.
All of their rescues go into foster care, usually with other beagles and begin adapting to the family life that some of them have never really had. They all do very well in that eventually homes are found and they post the most WONDERFUL stories of success on their site.
you can read about those here: www.bonesbeagles.org



DEBO is 5 year old male Good with dogs, cats, and kids over 8
This very cute, handsome fellow is Debo. He is a 5 year old pup who is looking for someone to share his world with. Debo is a happy go lucky guy, who absolutely love people and thinks there is nothing better in the whole world than to share a snuggle with his humans. Debo is very playful and love all toys! He also loves other dogs, although he can be a bit rough when playing with his doggy friends. He gets along just fine with cats too.

Debo is very energetic, so because of his high energy level, we do not recommend a home with small or young children; he would never hurt them, but could accidentally knock them over during play time.
Debo is blind in one eye and receives daily eye drops; it may be necessary to remove the eye at some point.
If you are looking for a happy, energetic pup to share your life with, take a look at Debo!

Artist note: It was serendipity that I was looking through BONES beagles up for adoption for some inspiration to paint new pieces for the rescue when I found Debo. At the VERY same time I was printing out a bunch of images for studio refs one of my friends at BONES was emailing me pics of the annual Beagle Bash that they just had. The image above is one of hers and she wrote the caption. She also told me that she had just heard from the good woman who pulled him from a shelter in TN and got him into foster care through BONES...everyone was remarking how well he has done...now he just needs that new family to love him all the days of his life.
Lets get this beauty his own family!
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V. Bridges-Hoyt said...

Good work ... and he is such a beautiful Beagle!

Judy said...

He's ours! We adopted him and renamed him Francis, after St. Francis who took care of the animals. We picked him up in All Saints Day! He is best friends to my 7 and 9 year olds and he follows them from room to room, goes to bed at 9 with them, and sits by them until they wake up!