Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Thanksgiving...Make it a Month for GIVING, Thanks!

This month of November is already upon us...thoughts of family and sharing bounty at our traditional THANKSGIVING feasts will be in our thoughts as we prepare for the season of giving.
I was visiting the Facebook site this morning and saw a Rescue Shelter Challenge telling of a matching gift for rescue for one of my local Rhode Island shelters(Friends of Bristol Animal Shelter.) Allen Shawn Feinstein charities offers matching gifts when you give to several of the local orgs at this time every year. A wonderful tradition from this local benefactor that really helps make a difference to charitable giving.
So it inspired me today to make
the whole MONTH of NOVEMBER a way to GIVE THANKS and not just on THANKSGIVING!
Lets make it a whole month of giving thanks in many ways:
DONATE your time, your items, your dollars (what you can spare) and your heart to help your local rescues and organizations that help others this whole month.
~Clean out your closets and give clothes that keep others warm.
~ Donate old quilts or blankets to your local rescues that might need blankets for their kennels.
(find out what is on their needs list- visit their sites)
~ Drop off some canned goods to your food banks.
~Donate some dog and cat food to your local shelters.
~Drop a donation to your local shelter via PayPal or send a check.
Purchase ART from ART HELPING ANIMALS artists who paint to help rescue!
When planning your gift giving remember a nice piece of original art that helps a rescue we support.
Every little bit helps others ...make ThanksGiving a time to Give to help those who need it the most. We are the voices of the animals who wait in shelters for the family that has yet to find them.
Please give what you can.
Happy ThanksGiving this Month!
Lets Share Peace~ Love ~ and Hope!

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